About Me.

My name is Mandi, a 21 year old who was trying to find my special place in life.  I have never known what I wanted to be when I grew up....never. After Taken my Hair course through the ITA Academy and working in a Salon I soon realized that career was not going to happen for me.  
Turning 21, got me thinking,  I am now an adult what am I doing? This is where my own Mobile Hair Business has come in.  
I LOVE Doing Hair and knowing thats its all my creativity behind it all.
I want to share my creativity with you through my styles, colors and cuts.  What inspired me to do on amazing people, and where can you locate something so beautiful
I enjoy watching my life as it unfolds! The laughter, the inspiration, and the craziness will surely leave you entertained. 

Phone or Text: (778) 823-2561
Email: flybyhairdesign@hotmail.com